Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(My webmaster has instructed me to include titles in my blog posts, which taxes my creative energies, so please bear with the perfunctory titles until my muse visits again....)

Here is the progress I'm making on the pink ES2:

Finished the front and back and the button/buttonhole plackets. Just sleeves left and then the delightful task of picking out to-die-for-adorable buttons.

I started the rollneck companion ES2 pullover in Rowan Cashsoft DK (which is like butter, baby!):

Front and back done. Starting the neck now.

My Fingerless Gloves class at the Tangled Web on Sunday was fun, though it made me realize that I could clarify a few things in the pattern as written. Nothing like a lively group of passionate curious smart knitters to keep a pattern-writer on her toes!!

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