Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring's A Comin'!

I finished this yesterday:

Yippee! The first of six Momogus Knits Summer Shell samples I need. This is the Scoopneck, optional-waist-shaped, waist-length, ribbed-edging version. Yeah, that's a lot of variations! I had my doubts about it, never having designed an adult-sized garment, and never having done this particular neckline, but I tried it on yesterday, and it looked okay! It's a couple inches smaller than I would make for myself (smaller samples mean quicker knitting), but it turned out pretty much exactly the way I wanted. The neckline turned out exactly like I wanted - not too U-shaped, more of a graceful swath of neckline.

Here is the (exciting!) armhole-edging (pick up stitches around armhole, then immediately bind off):

I originally tried 2 rows of ribbing like around the collar, but it looked stupid.

Now I've got to track down some mannequin torsos to model it for the pictures.....


Martha said...

OOOh, I like it - I like it a lot.

While it's part of your summer patterns, I'd like to try it for a cool weather vest - something pretty & well designed over a Tee or a turtleneck perhaps.

Thanks for all your fabulous patterns!

diana said...

Why thank YOU, Martha!!