Saturday, January 23, 2010

Off to Amagansett!

Did you think I fell off the face of the earth? My ding-dang knitting arm has been riddled with tendinitis the last couple of weeks and that puts quite a damper on my spare time. I actually cleaned the house! Baked bread from scratch! Reorganized the basement! I finally went to the doctor's and he prescribed gigantic anti-inflammatory drugs for me and my arm is getting back to normal. But no knitting yet.

In the meantime, we're off on our annual trip out to the beautiful end of Long Island to house-sit for my beloved Aunt Jane. Even though I can't knit, I'll just have to soothe myself by walking here two or three times a day:

And eating here as often as I can:

I can also catch up on my field goal kicking practice:

I'll be back in a week, hopefully healed up and ready to get back into knitting overdrive!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are You Aware Of Ravelry?

In talking with customers and other knitters, I am often surprised at how many knitters are unaware of the existence of Ravelry. If you are one of those lucky folks (lucky because you have Christmas morning ahead of you!) who didn't know about Ravelry, get thyself over to the website pronto, sign up, and await the wonders that are ahead of you. It's free!
I remember almost three years ago when I read on someone's blog about a new website that was starting up that would be a sort of gigantic database for knitters. I signed up, was unimpressed, and forgot about it until a few months later when I started to hear whispers and shouts all over the internet: "ravelry! Ravelry! RAVELRY!" Now I can't imagine my knitting life without it.

Those of you who are already on Ravelry know what a mighty resource it is. For those of you who don't know, it is a way to keep track of projects, find new projects, search thousands and thousands of patterns, find kindred souls, find yarn stores, you name it. In addition to joining the logical discussion groups for designers, I've also joined groups for American Idol, "Mad Men", The Tangled Web (my local yarn store), and Patrick O'Brian (one of my favorite authors). It's everything you need to know about knitting and so much more.

'Nuff said. I just want to make sure you all are aware of this insanely valuable resource. My user name is "momogus" - make me your friend on Ravelry! I love meeting new knitters and seeing what they're making.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Treat!

Happy happy New Year, everyone! I loved 2009, but I am super-excited about 2010! I love starting a new year, the possibilities seem endless.
I have a bunch of great things coming down the pike, Momogus Knits Patterns-wise, this year. Here is the first one! I've added Pattern Sets to the website! Yippee! Why, you may ask? I've had so many customers make matching sets (which is what I wanted you to do!) that I decided to make it easier (and cheaper!) to buy matching patterns.

Want to make a matching Cable Hat and Scarf Set? Why, just go here and buy them both for $7.50 instead of $10! Want to make a matching Baby Cardigan and Cap as a present? Why, just go here and buy them both for $7.50 instead of $10! Want to make matching Cable Ear Flap Hats for the whole family, but don't want to spend $15 on 3 separate patterns? Why, just go here and buy all 3 for $10 - you get one pattern FREE! You get the idea.

As a special New Year's Treat and to introduce this new feature, I'm offering The Basic Hat Set (babies, child's and adult versions) for $5 this weekend only - that's 2 patterns for FREE. Go here for this special offer.

These patterns are easy and classic. They also make great first projects. Here is my neighbor, Jesse, with the hat that he knit (his first ever project!) for his baby son:

Here is the Adult version, with the ribbing turned down, in a chunky tweed. This is one of my favorite hats:

Here (in the cutest picture in history) is my sister's nephew, Trevor, in his matching Easy Baby Hat and Easy Baby Pullover set.

Here is the Easy Baby Hat, knit in stripes, for a co-worker's first granddaughter:

The possibilities are endless!