Friday, May 14, 2010

Sneak Peek

The dishtowel frenzy has not abated (I'm on #8, but the last 4 and the next one will all be for friends, so they don't count as being crazy), but I promised you a sneak peek at the next Momogus Knits pattern coming down the pike. And I keep my promises!!

My patterns tend to come in waves - Mary at the Tangled Web asked for a baby hat with cables a few years ago, and that led to a veritable tsunami of cable patterns. Then I did the American Girl doll Chestnut Hill Gansey, and that led to another slew of CH Gansey patterns. I love knit/purl combinations and texture, but I also wanted to write a pattern that was an easy introduction to colorwork.

So here we go, Easy Colorwork Headbands, perfect for skiing, walking the dog, a good snowball fight, or just styling in the 'hood. These are two-color headbands, knit in the round with a double layer of fabric for warmth, in a manly check or classic snowflake:

Cats love 'em!!

Pay no attention to the fact that there seems to be a 2" difference between them (that's just me and my customary gauge issues...) Once I knit up a Manly Checked Pattern sample that's a normal size, we will be photographing and putting into final form.

Colorwork is so much fun, and like cables, looks more difficult than it is. I hope these introduce a whole bunch of knitters to the fun and wonder that is colorwork!!


Sue C. said...

Those look awesome, Diana! What a fun accessory for the fall and winter.

babs said...

they are great! they will make great gifts too! i like the fact that cats like them too!