Monday, May 3, 2010

Perhaps A Dishtowel Intervention is Needed....

Well, with the long pause between posts, you're probably thinking that Momogus Knits Industries, Inc. has been cranking out new patterns and samples left and right. That steam cloud in the air - why that must be that new cabled beret pattern she's been talking about for a year, now! That clanging and whirring - that must be the cardigan version of the Chestnut Hill Gansey, right?

Hmmm....yes, the factory has been cranking out products, but unfortunately they have nothing to do with Momogus Knits. I have become consumed with the Hanging Dishtowel from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Like many addicts, I have no idea how I got to this place. I don't like knitting with cotton, I don't like buying yarn from big box stores, I have dishtowels that work just fine. But first this happened:

Then this:

Then this:

Here they are, adorning my ker-AZY circa 1960 stove/oven:

I am plum crazy in love with this pattern. And yes, not only do I have another one on the needles, but I went back and bought more yarn yesterday for some more. I even showed a picture from my cellphone to another mom at Gus's baseball game and she politely admired it, so of course now I have to make her one! HELP!

So yes I am crazy, but here's the thing. In all my knitting life I can't remember knitting something that actually cost less ($1.79 for yarn, 1 day to knit) than the thing that I could have bought at the store. Plus I think they're awful spiffy, as far as dishtowels go.

(Don't worry - I actually finished a Momogus pattern this week. Will post a preview with pictures next. That was the tiny little clang that could barely be heard over the dishtowel clamor.)


JamarP said...

I see why you fell in love with these dish towels. They are adorable. As for the stove, do you ever cook. It looks so clean and shiny?

Margaret said...

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit egocentric here, but I think I have now officially been mentioned in the Momogus Knits blog. I think, but I could be wrong, that I am the mother at Gus' baseball game who politely (I am from south of the Mason-Dixon line after all) admired the dishtowel photo on Diana's cell phone. Wow, I am practically famous now. And, I might be getting a dishtowel. Now I will definitely have to do some baking for Momogus;-)

diana said...

Jamar - thank you and the trick to keeping the stove clean is that it FOLDS INTO THE WALL! Say what?! I love my ker-AZY stove!!

Margaret - you ARE famous! I guess my super-subtle questions about the colors of your kitchen might have given me away!!