Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Opening Day!

For the past 4 years my son has played baseball in the local community league (GYAC). Last year he was part of an informal all-star team that took on the girls' softball all-stars. The game was fantastic, and I was so moved and impressed with the girls. They played hard, and they played well. It made me so happy to see girls with an outlet to be active and competent and powerful.

Anyway, a germ of an idea was born - we had joked about me sponsoring Gus's team and how embarrassing that would be. But what if I sponsored a girls' team? Well, I called the commissioner and filled out the forms and the result was seeing this lovely lady on Saturday:

I almost burst into crazy-lady tears when I saw her. I'm so proud of my girls! May they grow up to be strong and powerful women!


Elizabeth D said...

What a great idea!! Must go start a business right now so I can sponsor a team. . .

Hey -- make sure you get a shirt.

Anna said...

That is excellent!