Thursday, July 1, 2010


(oops! just found this in the draft folder! It's still cool, just not quite as timely as I hoped!)

Hey, you know what's super-cool?! I just found out that Threadbear Fiber Arts in Lansing, Michigan is featuring the Momogus Knits Easy Shells series as their May Project of the Month! Woo hoo! I just got a call last week from the owner, wonderful Rob, with an order for more patterns because the shells were the featured pattern.


And this!

And this!
Scoopneck Shell!

That is awesome. Go check out their website! It's a good thing I live 645 miles from Lansing or I'd have no money left. If any of you out there are in Michigan, get in your car right now and go visit Threadbear!! Let me live vicariously through you! Mapquest says it's only 10 hours and 45 minutes to drive there....I wonder if they're open on Sundays.....

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