Monday, March 22, 2010

Reversible Cable Scarf Class

I taught a Reversible Cable Scarf Class this weekend at the Tangled Web. My students were extra-great this time! They all buckled down, and even the ones that had never cabled before tried cabling without a cable needle (gratuitous promotional note: all MK cable patterns include instructions for cabling without a cable needle). After knitting all those cable pattern samples and making approximately 12 billion cables in the process, I am a BIG believer in cabling without a cable needle. I highly recommend it.

Here are my great students, concentrating hard:

You guys rock!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gansey Madness!

It occurred to me the other day that not everyone knows what a gansey is. I've been throwing the word around for months to non-knitters who politely nod when I tell them how many ganseys I've been working on. I assumed they knew what I was talking about, but they probably didn't and maybe didn't want to know! Anyway, a gansey or guernsey, is a fisherman's knitted woollen sweater, similar to a jersey, which originated in the Channel Island of the same name. (thank you, wikipedia) Ganseys usually have a textured pattern on the yoke and upper sleeves alone.

And now (drumroll please) here is what I have been working on for the past six months. PHEW. Welcome Chesnut Hill Ganseys!

In ascending size, American Girl Doll Chestnut Hill Gansey:

Baby Chestnut Hill Gansey:

Child's Chestnut Hill Gansey:

Adult Chestnut Hill Gansey:

Baby Chestnut Hill Gansey Hat:

Adult Chestnut Hill Gansey Hat (worsted weight):

Adult Chestnut Hill Gansey Hat (chunky weight):

There's also a child's hat, which I couldn't find (aren't you sorry??) and another baby hat. Yes, I have that cobblestones-and-trolley-tracks pattern burned into my brain forever. We took the pattern pictures for these samples this past weekend and now the patterns are being put into final graphic form. Boy howdy, will I be glad when they're ready to go! It's like giving birth!

Stay tuned, they'll be ready for purchase next week. And if you're not already a member of my Facebook Group, go join! I'm thinking I'll have something special going on for the debut of these patterns. Just sayin'....

And because I'm nuts, I'm also work on this because I realized there should be CH Gansey Cardigans too:

That's the back of the Baby Chestnut Hill Gansey Cardigan. Madness!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Braces rule!

Welcome to Infinite Yarns in Farmingdale, New York and Knit Witz in Jacksonville, Florida! Phew! It took me a while to get ahead of the welcoming-new-stores business, but I am now officially caught up. And it's a nice problem to have, so I'm not complaining!

My Tendinitis Brace and Wrist Brace are my new best friends! I went to the very nice orthopedist (thank you, Ted Feldman!) last week, and he recommended doing everything I had already been doing (rest, ice, ibuprophen), but to also start wearing these braces - the TB during the day and the WB at night (because we all have a tendency to sleep with our arms and hands all curled up, which is bad for tendinitis - who knew?) Well, the braces have made a huge difference! I've been able to knit again!

I had farmed out the remaining Chestnut Hill Gansey samples to my test knitter, Maureen, to finish, so I was left with nothing Momogus-y to knit. So of course I started a Olympics cardigan and some mittens and a blanket for a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. I had a lot of knitting backed up in me after the last couple of months! But the wheels are turning about some new patterns, so expect to see a lot coming down the pike in the next couple of months. Tomorrow I will post some pictures.

Shameless plug: I'm hosting a Momogus Knits Patterns Trunk Show and Party at The Tangled Web on March 26 from 6-8 pm. That will be the official unveiling of the Chestnut Hill Gansey patterns, plus I'll have lots of samples of all of my other patterns, plus wine! Yeah! Stop by if you're in the neighborhood! We always have a lot of fun!

Finally, the Gus of Momogus just turned 10. Happy Birthday, my beloved boy: