Thursday, February 18, 2010

This and That (new pattern preview too!)

First of all, a warm welcome to the latest additions to the Momogus Knits family: The Knitting Connection in Syracuse, NY, Keeping Ewe in Stitches in Bradford, PA, Have Ewe Any Wool? in Snyder, NY, Mission Rose Quiltery in North Syracuse, NY, Yarn Cottage at Red Brick Farm (wouldn't you like to live there? In a yarn cottage?!) in Mayville, NY, and Infinite Yarns in Farmingdale, NY. As always, if you're ever in the neighborhood of any of these fine stores, go in and force yourself to buy some beautiful yarn and maybe a pattern or two! We have to support our local yarn stores, folks!!

In other Momogus Knits news, who's this adorable lady? It's Kathleen, with her gorgeous Easy Cable Scarf!

This appeared as well this week, courtesy of customer Helen. This is Easy Baby Cardigan - I lurve the beauteous Merino 2000. Great job, Helen!

Finally, I have a preview of the next Momogus Knits pattern! Finally! It's the Totally Twisty Toe-Up Tube Sock!

Here it is being modeled by a grumpy almost-10-yr-old:

Close-up of the Totally Twisty rib pattern (worsted weight):

Here it is in sportweight variegated yarn:

The pattern is written for fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns and sizes from baby up to large adult. I LOVE a tube sock because there is no heel. Yippee! And the ribbed pattern makes them fit in a nice way. I will keep you all posted, but I expect to have this pattern out in the next week or so.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We're Back!

We're back from a beautiful week out at the end of Long Island. Many walks on a beach that looks like this are very refreshing for the soul!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to knit much, but my arm is feeling better after doing nothing more strenuous than lifting spoonfuls of local clam chowder, so I'm hoping that I will be able to dislodge the logjam of pending Momogus Knits samples and get all those new patterns out!

Now, back to business! Welcome to The Blue Purl in Madison, New Jersey; Mountain Knits and Pearls in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; Twisted in Millerton, New York; and PK Yarn Over Knit in Clarkson, Michigan. Remember to support your local yarn store!! If you're ever in the neighborhood of any of these delightful stores, drop in and contribute to the local economy!!

Here is customer Elaine, who came into the store the other day and showed me these:

Yowzah! She had made six Momogus Knits Cable Ear Flap Hats for the whole family! And what really knocked my socks off was this (knitting nerd alert!):

There is a definite front and back to these hats which is a little difficult to determine when you pick them up (there is an additional cable repeat in the front to make the hat sit properly on your head - your ears sit more than halfway back on your head, which I didn't realize until I started making samples for this pattern. The things you learn.) Anyway, Elaine very cleverly sewed a little knot of yarn in the back of these hats to show which was the back. You would have thought she discovered the meaning of life the way I carried on when I saw this! I thought that was so clever! It made me so happy!

Yes, that is my life.