Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gansey Madness....

Here are the next sweaters that are coming down the pike, Momogus Knits-wise. They are cardigan versions of the Chestnut Hill Gansey.

Baby version:

Child's version:

Adult version (this has been on the needle for months - oy vey, these take so long to knit!!!):

Then I decided, as with the original ganseys, that I would make an American Girl Doll version. I loved how the original Gansey turned out. Look how cute!

Well, why wouldn't the cardigan version be just as cute, right? Here it is:

Looks cute, right?

Uh oh. Fits bad. The back is the same size as in the Pullover version; I think I need to make the fronts a couple of stitches wider. Poor American Girl, she looks uncomfortable in her ill-fitting sweater! Fortunately, it only takes a smidgeon of a moment to knit one of these up, but still....

These patterns will be available soon - have to finish up that Adult sample and re-do poor American Girl Doll's sample.

(As a sidenote, to keep her decent I had to order this doll a little mock turtleneck (from Lavenderlore on And let me tell you, I love ordering clothes for this American Girl doll! It's probably a good thing I didn't have a girl, because I would be going broke getting a wardrobe for her dolls!!)

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