Thursday, September 23, 2010

Help me!

Okay, I need help. Button help. Also buttonhole help, as evidenced by the photo below. I just finished the sample for the Baby Chestnut Hill Gansey Cardigan (which I am thrilled about - can't wait to make one for me - an adult-sized one, that is) and need to pick out buttons. That's where YOU come in. Help me choose which buttons by voting on the choices below.

But first, because you are all my dear understanding friends out there, I will share my shame. I am possibly the worst buttonhole distance estimator on the planet. No matter how scientific or mathematical or non-scientific or organic or holistic an approach I take, this is what I end up with:

Say what? What was I thinking? The second button from the top is where the buttonhole should be, but unfortunately is not. Go ahead and laugh. And this is like the 10 zillionth cardigan I've made, so I really should know better. If anyone has any tried and true methods for buttonhole distance estimation I'd love to hear them. [By the way, my patterns don't direct you to do this - it's just my wonkiness. The patterns say to space 3 buttonholes evenly on the band. I can't even follow my own pattern!!]

Now on to more pleasant subjects. Let's choose a button! Here is CHOICE A:

These are medium-sized goldtone anchor buttons. Classic and one of my all-time favorites.

Here is CHOICE B:

Teeny gold dome buttons. Small and tasteful, but too small?

Here is CHOICE C:

Medium peachy-pink flat buttons. Non-confrontational, but too boring?

Leave your vote in the Comments below! I'll also pick someone at random and email them the Momogus Knits pattern of their choice, just for being helpful!


Sheepmom said...

Since this appears to be a sweater for a little girl - how about buttons that are bunny rabbits or kittens or just a simple pik flower?

Jazztsax said...

I'd go with A. B is too small. Wooden buttons or flowers could be nice as well.

JamarP said...

I go with C, or with something really cute like flowers or bunnies. C doesn't detract from the wonderful color and texture of the sweater. A is too "Anchors away my boys." B is too little and I'm not wild about the gold. Finding the perfect buttons is really, really hard, in my estimation.

Maggie G said...

When I was a new mom (and come to think of it, even now that I am a seasoned mom), I was exceptionally anti-fiddly. Those lil buttons look fiddly to me... with a diaper bag about to slide off my shoulder, a stroller folded under one arm and a teething treat tucked under my chin (and dripping onto my shirt), I wanted to button fast and easy.

Have Gus tuck a baseball under his chin, hold three hard back books in one hand and try to work each button through a hole with the other hand. Whatever one slips through the easiest would be my choice.

Besides, the lovely sweater and the impish grin of its wearer will steal all of the attention anyway!!

terrie said...

C...allows the beautiful stitch work to show

Liberty Fan said...

I vote for "A" because I think it simply the most beautiful.

meberly said...

I vote for the little decorative buttons-for a girl, obviously or the classic wooden ones. Where can I get the pattern?

As for making button holes, since you've tried all the other possibilities (Utube is good too for tutorials), try going to see your friendly "knitting store lady"!

Nittah said...

I would put some pretty hand painted buttons, probably white ones with a design in the same color as the sweater.
As for the button hole mishap, I'd just invisibly sew it shut. That way it won't show. Works great!
I have a trick for evenly spaced buttonholes, but it's rather hard to explain. I'll think about how to post it,then put it here.

BittyKnitter said...

I like A. It's classic.

Curlygirl said...

Hey, my talented sister,
I cast my vote for Button A. Or maybe daisy buttons, if there is such a thing?

isshecrafty said...


babs said...

I pick "A". I love this sweater!

Tracy Davis said...

I like choice b.

Carla Willingham said...

I would go with the plain ones C. I don't think anchors go with pink, I know old fashioned idea, and I just don't care for the others. The plain ones don't distract from the pattern, but add to it IMHO.
:D Carla

lireda said...

I vote for button C. A seems a touch to 'serious' for a little girl's sweater and B seems too small.

For what it's worth, I'm rubbish about button hole estimations as well and have gone back and sewn it closed from behind. :)

Liz said...

I'd go with C for this particular (and adorable)sweater; the size and simple, flat shape would make it easier for little hands or Mommies to button and look good proportionately. I love the pale peachy color here! :-) Just replace with gold or wooden buttons for bigger or darker sweaters!

I don't know how to knit yet, so take me out of the winner's pool. Just wanted to contribute my two cents after reading and laughing about your buttonhole adventures! Love your site.

shirleyfrance1 said...

My pick is A. Pattern choice if I win is Baby’s Cabled Hats Easy Knitting Pattern NS2 Thank you

For buttonholes: After placement of top and bottom buttons. The remaining buttonholes are evenly spaced between, measure the distance and divide by the number of buttons left plus 1. If 3 buttons are left, divide the distance say 12. 3+1=4 divide by 12 = 3 so you would center a button every 3 inches

Elizabeth D said...

I say choice C. The anchor buttons are too blue blazer/yacht club, and choice B -- well, they're just too gold. If you were to choose something similar in a pearly white, I might be tempted. . . but of the three choices, I like the unobtrusive classic of C.