Monday, August 2, 2010


Now of course you're all winners in my book, but the two randomly-picked [the 10-yr-old guest judge did a lot of writing and cutting and folding up into teeny-tiny pieces of each name] winners of the first MKPAYG are Nicole:

who chose the mauvey colorway.
Here was her comment: I have always loved to learn to make socks. I love the summer colors. I would choose the Plummy, Mauvey goodness. My favorite summertime treat matches the colors of the yarn, plums and berries, any sort of berries are great, sweet and refreshing for the summer!

and Louise*

who picked the autumny colorway.
Here was her comment: I love the autumny colors because it reminds me of twirling in the woods of color in the fall. Raking the leaves and jumping in them... I use to lay out leaves of color on my lawn and make a lawn quilt of color hoping the wind wouldn't blow it away until i finished. My favorite summer treat is also watermelon because my grandpa use to let all 13 grandchildren go to his watermelon patch in Tennessee and pick out their own melon. We would haul them in wheelbarrows back to the farm house and then have seed spitting contests. I love knitting socks and hope I win this !!

My beloved late mom also loved a watermelon seed-spitting contest, so that made me smile. *Louise, you need to email me at and let me know your address!

Congrats to you two! As for the rest of you, don't be discouraged if you didn't win this time, I have A LOT of yarn and pattern giveaways queued up for you! And also, if you would like to simply purchase the Twisty Toe-Up Sock pattern, I can't stop you!

And speaking of summer treats, treat yourself to a read of the comments in the contest entry. They all hit me at once in my email inbox, so it was a sort of symphony of sometimes-nostalgic, sometimes delicious comments, which was absolutely delightful. Thank you so much, all of you, for sharing!!

One thing I want to know though - Carla Willingham, what in the world is a Pickle Snow Cone??


Carla Willingham said...

Haaaa, they are just plain ice snowcones with pickle juice drizzled onto them. They're wonderful when it's really hot and you're overdosed on sweet drinks, sweet fruit, ect..... You've got to try them to love them!!! And pickle juice is the best cure in the world for leg cramps, just FYI!! LOL!!!!
:D Carla

diana said...

Thank you, Carla! I'm INTRIGUED!